Welcome to Young People’s Theology!

We are laypeople and clergy, primarily in the Episcopal/Anglican tradition, interested in deep engagement with theology. We believe theology is the work of the laity, not just the clergy, and that serious theology is accessible to everyone.

We are mostly (but not exclusively) millennials, who want our generation to take theological leadership in the Episcopal Church.

We are broadly orthodox, and in all our disagreements we’re united by a belief that the essentials of Christian faith and the transformative power of God as revealed through theological study are the most solid foundation for radical social change in the world.

This site has grown out of extended discussions on social media, and is intended to be a place for anyone interested in deeper exploration of theology or organizing for necessary change in the Episcopal Church to contribute to the conversation.

Here’s a quick introduction to the site:

  • Check out our Blog for theological meditations, essays and arguments too detailed for Twitter, and long(ish)-form writing by a variety of authors. If you’re interested in contributing something to the Blog, either exclusively or cross-posted elsewhere, please contact hannah@yptheology.org. Submissions are always welcome.
  • The Forums are places for discussion and conversation: the Theology Discussion forum for hashing out theological topics; the General Convention 2021 forum dedicated to discussions about organizing and encouraging young delegates to run for GC2021 and possible events for YPTheology to participate in at the convention.
  • Our Reading Groups page lays out the schedule of theology reading groups (that we know of), meeting remotely to work through theological books and articles.
  • Our Other Resources page has a list of blogs/podcasts/etc. that might be of further interest.

This site is a collaborative endeavor! Let us know what you’d like to see here, or what would make it better—or what you might like to contribute. You can contact us via our Contact page or email hannah@yptheology.org.